Monday, October 19, 2009

Sisters by Heart

This piece was made for my dearest and oldest friend for our 50th friendship anniversary. The piece is made after the Willow Tree figurines. It features beautiful iridized light amber opal glass with a clear iridized background glass and a purple border. The blue glass at the bottom is engraved "Sisters by Heart 1956 - 2006". The size is 10-1/2 wide x 13-3/4. This is one of my favorite pieces. The price is $100. Other Willow Tree figures could be made into panels as well.

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  1. I make stained glass as well and was trying to decide what my next project would be. My husband had a great idea, make a panel with our family as willow tree figurines. I googled willow tree stained glass and it looks like you are the only one who's put it in glass. I love what you did with this piece and thought I would comment to let you know I love all of your work. It's beautiful! I hope your family appreciates all the hard work that goes into each piece. Once again, all of your piences are gorgeous!! Have a great day!